This year is my first time being in Toronto for the all beloved TIFF. (Toronto International Film Festival if we are getting formal here. Though it seems TIFF brings a very specific magic to the city, by providing an amazing environment for shamelessly waiting in crowded lines to stand in front of movie stars.  Being a fan of films myself, I took slight interest in the festivities, but the slight interest turned into obsession when I discovered my favorite actor of all time was in Toronto. Mr. Alan Rickman. I don’t really want want to dwell on the situation, basically because I am devestated about not seeing nor hearing the velvet voice of Alan Rickman.

However little did I know my celebrity spotting adventure had only begun on a walk back to my ILLC home from the Dollarama. That’s right, when I least expected it, I ran into Saturday Night Live Royalty. One of the most talented woman in comedy today, and one of my personal idols, Miss Amy Poehler! I even put my Pokemon Snap and TMZ expertise to work and snapped a pic

Amy Poehler in Toronto 2013

No Filter!! Just kidding, I totally filtered it…






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