What do you think about our ongoing desire to track and share? What does this say about our culture and/or technology?    I believe humans have always had the desire to track and share what is going on in our lives. It is part of the human condition, a part of what separates us from animals. We have seen this even centuries ago, for instance ancient civilizations, like Egypt. Recording and depicting there lives, or the lives of the Pharaohs on walls of tombs. I believe it is just the culture of us as humans to want to do so, however technology has allowed this desire to be easy obtained.
Technology has given us the ability to share every aspect of our lives, and even the not so interesting aspects, including our food lets say. It is all because of the accessibility that
 our social media apps allow us to, and when our friends are also participating in the social media sites, we know we always have a audience. If carving or painting in stone wasn’t so time consuming maybe our ancient ancestors would have posted more pictures of their food our pets. 
What did you discover when you did your 24 Digital Diary experiment? I discovered that most life depends on digital media, my cell phone and the internet. Being in a long distance relationship, I find myself depending on social media, Skype  and my cell phone to be able to communicate and feel close. I also found that I spend a lot of time using technology simultaneously, with other things. For instance, I hardly ever just soley watch television. I am usually texting, doing school work,  checking social media or browsing the web at the same time.




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