Week #3: My Digital Footprint

What did you discover in today’s lecture?

I came to the realization in lecture that who we are on the internet is becoming way more important that I think we ever thought it could. For example when I made my Facebook account over six years ago, it never crossed my mind that my profile on Facebook would actually become a summary of my identity. However, I also came to thought that people have this bad perspective about sharing personal stories or pictures on the internet, but really, like we explored in class can be actually a positive thing. What I think people forget is that we have the power to put whatever we want on the internet and that can be a good thing, It really makes us our best marketers.

What is your digital footprint like?

I guess it is  pretty big! I googled myslef…  and was pleasantly surprised that I was the most active Abbie Chalmers on the internet, I had made a couple articles from some online news sites, and some videos from a music competition, and my Bealtes website that  I had made to inform my boyfriend about all there was to know about the Beatles. So thats what came up along with my twitter, youtube and facebook of course. Surprisingly enough, this blog is also on the first google page of my name. So in conclusion, nothing embarrassing, or regretful, so I think i may be one step ahead some others out there.

Will you change your approach to your online presence and participation? What are your thoughts on one’s digital identity? Should we open up (share) or keep our cards close to our chests?

I feel that I do want to participate more when it comes to social networking in the sense that I want to really progress with the idea of “personal branding” and continue to keep and online identity that I am proud of. When it comes to one’s digital identity, i do think it is important to have these days. Not only does a positive digital identity summarize who you are as a person, but it also shows to an employer that you are connected, have good communication skills and know your way around the computer, which are also good qualities to have these days.

Reflect on the findings from your digital diary. Were you surprised by how much time you spend “connected”? What are the different ways in which you utilize and interact with digital media? I was quite surprised and ashamed of how much Degrassi I had watched in the few days I kept my digital diary. But I found that I would put it on and do other things, like go on facebook, twitter, or even do some homework. Being in a long distance relationship also makes me have to rely on texting and being on skype a lot more than i do during the summer though, so I would say for that matter i am very thankful for digital media.

This about sums up the digital diary…



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