My Album Cover

Recently I have been working on an album design for a cover project we are doing in this class, so I thought I would dedicate this post to it! So I will go through the process so far, and then in the end it should be fun to see how it turns out! Awesome, let’s do it. 


So first off I decided I wanted to do a parody of an album, and my favourite album ever, cover and music, is The Beatles’ 1966 LP Revolver. It is truly interesting. Here is what it looks like: 



So, in all sense of the word awesome. I really love the contrast in this piece. Whether it be the contrast of the black and white, or simplicity of the facial features to the complexity of the hair, or even the pen work to the photographs. Klaus Voormann, a close friend of the band drew/designed this, It’s great. 

Anyway, at the time of constructing an idea for this project, I was watch a ridiculous amount of Degrassi High, the one from the 1980’s, I haven’t really gotten into the current one. So I decided to based the Revolver outline to the fictional Degrassi High band, The Zit Remedy. It’s fun, and also a shout out to maybe one of the most successful Canadian bands since Rush? Maybe? (HaHa) Anyway, I thought it would be fun to somehow include Toronto in the idea, and the Degrassi influence certainly fit that bill. 



(What a great lookin’ band.)  

So here is a link of the famous, one and only “Zit” single that my design is based on. 

So the next step was to fuse the two elements together, so much fun. I came up with this first sketch during lecture. 



I decided against the collage that the Beatles cover had, mostly because of the whole copyright thing. However, at this stage I came up with the idea to use colour. I was thinking that since the Zits were a youth 80’s band that there needed to be some colour. So if you see in the picture of the first sketch, I had come up with a little colour palette, of some reds, oranges and bright baby blue. It will all kind of be a flowy, swirl of design going through the centre, where the Beatles have that collage.  Should be interesting. 

So then I went home, and sketched out the bands faces. I got this: 



So there it is, my main goal was to of course achieve the likeness of the group, but to also keep a similar style that matched Voormann’s style of Revolver. 

Then came the part that I was dreading from the beginning. The hair. I decided to just go for it and do it in pen, I felt doing it in pencil first would just be redundant, so I just went for it in pen. It took a long time, but it turned out that a Say Yes To the Dress marathon was on, so it was more enjoyable experience than I would have thought. So this is were I am now with it: 


FUN FACT: You can see my bedding in this picture, my bedding is very important to me. it’s no laughing matter. You know, its something you use everyday, so if you are going to spend a lot of money on anything, it should be bedding. 


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