For those of you who don’t know what CRAP is, in this context that is, here you go! It is an accronym for the key principles of design.


So what I’m doing here is picking some random images and seeing if they express some of these elements!

Okay so here is the first thing, let’s look at an advert for The Vampire Diaries. It’s a show I have been dedicated to since it’s aired a few years ago and I just watched it so I’m a little jazzed about it. So here it is:


So there it is. Right away we will cover the A of CRAP. Alignment, the logo and show info is to the right of the photo, not centred.  With C, there is the contrast in typeface size “the” and “Vampire Dairies” also using REPETITION with the red in the logo to match the CW logo.  Speaking of R, we have the three characters wearing the same colour outfit! Coincidence? Probably not. This is were the design starts to give us a story or quick summary of the show. The colour shows that they are somehow unified, and they are, but it is the PROXIMITY that gives us clues how. First of all we got Nina Dobrev (Ryerson student may I add) and she is in the middle therefore #MainCharacter (she is) then we got the two fellows there laying at her sides, showing them as unified equals (yep, they’re brothers) and it looks like because they are aligned below her that she has power over them (yep, they are both in love with her). This proximity also shows us that there might be a love triangle going on here.


So now that we have that under our belts, lets take a look to see if the new spinoff series The Originals implement some of these same design principles in there promo for this years debut:

It’s a promo for The Originals.


Because it is their first season, there is a lot going on in the previous promo we looked at for “The Vampire Diaries” it was very simple. However The Vampire Diaries has already been on for 5 season, so they already have a viewership and people for the most part “get” what its about. But with the Originals they need to give out a little more about the story or the style of the show, because it is new with a possible fresh audience.


So CONTRAST is obviously one of the big elements in this promo design. The whole things is rather dark with a lot of blues, greys and earthy tones and then there is that bright red used on the bloody logo and again in the text, also expressing cohesiveness, an element of REPETITION.  It really makes the brand, and makes it look “legit.”  There is also a contrast with the “the” and “Originals” with the small lower level typeface versus the capital large and in charge logo.  Also again with the smaller “information” typeface with the CW logo. It works.  It also uses PROXIMITY  to give a quick summary about the show.  The three main characters are up in the painting all together, giving a sense that they are of the same grouping (true, they are siblings), the one brother is centred and set a little higher than the two others to show his dominance. (true he is the most powerful because he is a vampire, werewolf hybrid, intense right? that shit doesn’t happen in twilight! Eat that S.Meyer) Then there is that other guy in the chair, which is showing he is kind of the outcast, or doesn’t fit in with the others, it shows that he is an opposing force.  It’s interesting that design can say all that!








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