More C.R.A.P!

Let’s look at one of the print ads that was deemed “THE BEST OF 2012-13” Lets take a look.


C- The contrast. The black stands out strikingly against the clean white Apple famous background. As well as the bright colours on the screen contrast the black which contrasts the white. Contrast-ception. Also looking at the typeface, the bold “iPad” logo contrasts the small thin “mini”

R- We see repetition with the colour of the iPad with the black typeface, this creates unity and gives professionalism.

A- Nothing is aligned to the centre. It makes it look very sleek and minimalistic.

P- There is a lot of white space, yet the IPad is still the centre of focus. It looks very interesting and appears to not be “trying to hard”.

Okay now for something else:




C- Contrast is big here, everything is light blue or some sort of pastel, except for the bright red cup, creating contrast. The green Starbucks logo itself is also being contrasted agains the red cup, due to the relationship between green and red on t he colour wheel.

R – There is a lot of repetition with the light blue and white colour, creating unity. As well as all the typeface being in white.

A – It seems nothing is quite centred, and the logo is to the right of the page.

P-  the cup is the largest object on the page, and though it isn’t centred it is still the main focal point of the ad.


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