After Effects and Me. It Shall Be A Time.

Yeah so it seems as if we are about to give after effects another go. I used it throughout my high school experience, but it was never anything the teacher taught. It was  just like “Here, do a project, it has to involve an AE element,” that kind of thing. So every one just put in an explosion here or there, while I tried for an title sequence, it went quite well, took hours, and the whole thing was about 5 seconds long. Anyway here I am at it again.

So I have a couple ideas for this motion graphics trailer. First off, I wanted to do something for the Great Gatsby, because it’s fabulous. Kyle Cooper has also been a great inspiration, I have absolutely in love with his work for years now, especially his title sequences for American Horror story, so I figured maybe something like that could be fun to make and would be visually interesting.


Still from American Horror Story title sequence, Kyle Cooper





So for this piece I really wanted to incorporate the iconic green light, I think it is a truly beautiful, powerful and plays a huge symbolic role in the story of Jay Gatsby






I also had the idea to tie that in somehow with the fall of Gatsby. I thought to use blood dripping in a jar or something of water, signifying his death of course. I thought it would just add that edge and beautiful

Imagedarkness that Cooper so flawlessly achieves in his pieces.






That aside I also had a desire to explore the Saul Bass minimalist side of this art form. Image

I thought that I might be also interesting to do a very minimalist, vintage style animation based project for the show “30 Rock”.


I thought the shows urban setting would lend a hand for a simple, clean, look. It would also work with an up tempo jazz music piece and I feel like it would have a very “mad men” feel if you will. I think it would complement the show quite well. However, with this simple animation, it would have to be done perfectly to be effective.

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