What’s Your Type?

So I found three designs here, but the same general topic, I will talk about how the typography used in each of these visuals effects of the design. 

Let’s get started:        

Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack, 2002

ImageThis is the Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack, targeted at fans of the Lizzie McGuire show, girls from the ages of 10-16+. The typeface definitely appeals to this target audience, first of all with the curvy sans serif font for the logo, and then with the cutesy pink font (probably Curlz, or something similar). It is suppose to look youthful, cute and fun, so it is indeed fulfilling its purpose. I believe this typeface is not as attractive or used as effectively as it could have been. The alignment and size is a little off I feel, but because it is targeted for a young audience, maybe it wasn’t the designers top priority. 


Next is the cover of Hilary Duff’s first studio album, because minimal font was used, it would have been taken into great account how or what they wanted to express about the feel of the album. The typeface used is very irregular and unsymmetrical, it also has an almost hand written feel. I feel like the effect they were trying to capture was a youthful tone. It was appealing to a tween audience, and this flowy type highlights a free spirited and airy light vibe.                                                                                                               


Metamorphosis Hilary Duff, 2003

I believe this is effective, because it matches the earth colours of the album art, and makes the artist look like a free spirit, and artistic, which would be more appealing for an album. 

I feel another reason why this was chosen was to  help Hilary Duff break though as an artist, and to chose something that didn’t seem similar to other projects she had done, like her television show Lizzie McGuire (which we have reviewed above). It was to seem more mature than kiddish. It is looking like it wants to get away with that “cutesy” tone and into a more fun but mature and edgy vibe. 


This is a movie poster for “Material Girls (2006)” starring Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff. It basically could have been another Olsen twin flick. Anyway it is about two socialite over privileged sisters who are the heirs to there fathers multimillion cosmetic company. After their father dies and the company faces legal questions, they lose all there money, live in the real and they solve the case about the company fraud. 

There are three different typefaces used in this project, one of them is the “Marchetta Cosmetics” logo on the bus sign. Though this is not the best logo or typeface for an actual makeup company, but It is quite effective at getting across the point that it is a cosmetic company for the purpose of this poster. It’s pink and flawy with a handwritten feel and very feminine, so it does it’s job.  The second of course is the official movie print, which is being effective by making this poster look authentic and giving credit to those who need. But most importantly there is the Material Girls logo. There is very good contrast use in this with the Futura Black like font for the “Material” against the skinny, hot pink Century Gothic “Girls.” It is also appealing to the teen girl demographic by using the lipstick tube for the “I” it tells the story that they are girly-girls and also makes the connection of the cosmetic theme of the plot. An effective use of typeface on the whole. 


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