Everything Has a Story

Oh Hai… This is my post about how everything has a story, even things not written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. For instance everything we do or see in our lives has a story behind it, even if like me you believe that the universe around us is just in existence for me to have something to interact with. Anyway, I will tell you some possible stories I uncovered through media this past weekend. Some exciting, some shocking and some of a adjective I can’t really think of. 

Story 1: Everybody Wants A Retweet. 

This weekend, I fixed up my album cover, took out the drop shadow and what not, and I was excited that it was finished. So I decided I would post it on twitter and thank the memebers of The Zits, Snake (Stefan Brogren), Joey (Pat Mastroianni) and Wheels (Neil Hope), and show my friends the final outcome. That’s when it happened. The retweet and reply of a lifetime. 



It certainly made my day. My weekend for that matter. Here media brought two people together that would never have otherwise. At this moment, Pat and I had been connected, and shared a story together. He would have just woken up that morning, went to his twitter and seen my album art. Though we both saw the same picture, maybe he saw something different. Maybe this album cover told him that even though Degrassi Junior/High has been off the air for the better end of 20 years, their were still people out there that recognized his work and talent. Maybe seeing what I did made his day just as good as his comment made mine. 

Who knows maybe this post will tell stories to other people? For instance maybe Laurie Petrou will see this and think “Wow! The client loved Abbie’s album artwork, maybe she actually deserves a 103% on this project!” Who knows, a story has infinite possibilities. 

Story 2: R.I.P Brian Griffin 

This weekend Brian Griffin of Famliy Guy passed away. I took this news very hard, as he was my favourite character, and though he was a dog, sorry, animated dog. I was quite infatuated with him. He was everything I could ever want in a man/animated dog, charming, smart, liberal and had the voice of Seth MacFarlane (who I am  currently angry with). After watching Family Guy for years and wanting to pursue a career in voice acting and television writing, Seth MacFarlane had become an idol of mine. In lecture, we were discussing fan fiction, and I that point I had realized I had created my own personal Family Guy fan fiction in my head years ago! Though I can’t remember it in full detail, I had basically written this whole episode about how Brian actually met a dog girl, because he had always had these sketchy human girlfriends so I thought it would be cute if he actually found his dog soulmate. So I had this story all planned out, and I figured I would be casted as the girl dog’s voice of course. I also planned that there would be a musical element to it, and Seth Macfarlane and I would sing a duet for the episode. I also thought that this project would bring us together and then Seth Macfarlane and I would get married. So this is why I applied to RTA, to become one step closer to this dream. Yeah, I didn’t actually, but could you imagine if I did? That would be nutters. Anyway, this is another example of fandom stories through media.  Though I feel Brains death was a ratings stunt, and Stewie will go back in time and bring him back. So this possibility for my fan fiction to become reality could still be on the table. I smell a practicum/internship!  

Story 3: The Best Rockband of the Year!

This weekend our floor RA Uzo purchased Rockband 2 for our floor. My friend Bailey and I were so excited about it, at about 7:00pm we created our rock band. We each made an avatar for ourselves (who looked quite accurate to our real likeness) in the game, starting out with skimpy ripped tee-shirts and skinny jeans, until our band made enough money from playing gigs, to purchase more suitable stage wear. We struggled with deciding a band name, we wanted it to be perfect. We had waved between names such as “The Novemembers”, “The Irrelvent Doors,” Tits and Tat’s” (to complement our avatars ridiculous attire) and on that note we came up with “Tater Tits.” Brilliant. So with me on the guitar and Bailey on bass, Tater Tits started off there journey from there hometown of Amsterdam to try to make it in the big time. We played through small venues, performing our little hearts out, we even made an avatar for American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, so he could be a stand in drummer for the band. But we didn’t need a stand in for to long, as Uzo had been in the common room trying to work on his essay. He eventually gave in and became the drummer of Tater Tits. He made his avatar, also sporting some clothes that made him appear to be the avatar of the guy who sits outside of the Metro, but that wasn’t for long as Tater Tits played more small European venues, and we eventually made enough money to deck out the band in some cool threads. This point it was about 9 o’clock and and another RA that we call Jonah Hill because he has the same voice as Jonah Hill came to our floor on rounds, and asked if 11:00 rolled around and we were still playing if he could join in, we agreed. The sad thing was that the Tater Tits continued to play until 11:00pm when Jonah Hill came back and made his avatar and became the fourth member of Tater Tits. We continued to play through, achieving transportation and we eventually became so big in the UK that we are now in the midst of touring North America. 

This I felt I understood why we played so long after talking about avatars and epic wins in class. Though Rockband had a very diverse option for race, when it came to the avatars clothing, it seemed like the women’s stuff was on the whole very revealing and sexualized, compared to the mens clothing. However playing with a personalized character really helped build the story aspect of the game because we felt like we were now apart of that experience. 


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