So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

Well the course is over and it is a bummer to say the least. I throughly enjoyed this class, and had a great time doing the projects, honestly it didn’t even feel like homework, same goes for lecture too, It was very interesting and opened my eyes to a better understanding of how media works in the professional world.

Initially I came to RTA to pursue my studies in Audio Production, but after this course, I am really wanting to continue with Digital Media. I found out that I really like coming up with concepts and ideas for projects. Some of my favourite moments in BDC 192 was getting a new assignment in Lab, and then going to lecture and learning new techniques and becoming inspired with an idea or a look, and then just sketching it out in my notebook. I don’t know what it says about my note taking skills, but I think I have more doodles and story boards in that notebook than actual legible notes. I also learned that I love experimenting with different techniques to achieve a certain look.  I love that feeling of excitement when editing raw material for the first time, and you don’t really know what it will turn into, or what will work.

storyboard for the motion graphics teaser

I have discovered that like Kyle Cooper, I prefer doing as much as I can by hand, or from scratch, I really don’t like the obviously post added stuff, which I feel came across my in work this semester. I did a hand drawing for my album cover, with some digital colour and text added in Photoshop, and for my motion graphics I filmed and created all the text and sound aspects in After Effects. I just really like to have an authentic and genuine feel and look with what I create and I hope that I achieved that with what I did this semester.

I found I really enjoyed the lecture about design principles, I think about them every time an advert or album cover catches my eye I am like “It’s so obvious what you trying to do here with this typeface and colour , why don’t you just slap us in the face with it!” I was also very inspired by the title sequence lecture, it got me really jazzed about doing the assignment and seeing Kyle Coopers interview also gave me the extra push to go for something really out of the box from what I usually do.

Because I already had a verily firm grasp in the software we had been using, I found the most important thing I took from this course was believing in myself. Jesus, that sounds so typical but it’s true. I never really had the confidence that I could come up with strong ideas, or make anything near as good as Kyle Cooper. But after this class I realized I can, and I feel inspired to continue sketching and coming up with innovative, creative and beautiful ideas and then making them come to life. I thank you for that BDC 192.


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