Director’s Cut


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

Well the course is over and it is a bummer to say the least. I throughly enjoyed this class, and had a great time doing the projects, honestly it didn’t even feel like homework, same goes for lecture too, It was very interesting and opened my eyes to a better understanding of how media works in the professional world.

Initially I came to RTA to pursue my studies in Audio Production, but after this course, I am really wanting to continue with Digital Media. I found out that I really like coming up with concepts and ideas for projects. Some of my favourite moments in BDC 192 was getting a new assignment in Lab, and then going to lecture and learning new techniques and becoming inspired with an idea or a look, and then just sketching it out in my notebook. I don’t know what it says about my note taking skills, but I think I have more doodles and story boards in that notebook than actual legible notes. I also learned that I love experimenting with different techniques to achieve a certain look.  I love that feeling of excitement when editing raw material for the first time, and you don’t really know what it will turn into, or what will work.

storyboard for the motion graphics teaser

I have discovered that like Kyle Cooper, I prefer doing as much as I can by hand, or from scratch, I really don’t like the obviously post added stuff, which I feel came across my in work this semester. I did a hand drawing for my album cover, with some digital colour and text added in Photoshop, and for my motion graphics I filmed and created all the text and sound aspects in After Effects. I just really like to have an authentic and genuine feel and look with what I create and I hope that I achieved that with what I did this semester.

I found I really enjoyed the lecture about design principles, I think about them every time an advert or album cover catches my eye I am like “It’s so obvious what you trying to do here with this typeface and colour , why don’t you just slap us in the face with it!” I was also very inspired by the title sequence lecture, it got me really jazzed about doing the assignment and seeing Kyle Coopers interview also gave me the extra push to go for something really out of the box from what I usually do.

Because I already had a verily firm grasp in the software we had been using, I found the most important thing I took from this course was believing in myself. Jesus, that sounds so typical but it’s true. I never really had the confidence that I could come up with strong ideas, or make anything near as good as Kyle Cooper. But after this class I realized I can, and I feel inspired to continue sketching and coming up with innovative, creative and beautiful ideas and then making them come to life. I thank you for that BDC 192.

Everything Has a Story

Oh Hai… This is my post about how everything has a story, even things not written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. For instance everything we do or see in our lives has a story behind it, even if like me you believe that the universe around us is just in existence for me to have something to interact with. Anyway, I will tell you some possible stories I uncovered through media this past weekend. Some exciting, some shocking and some of a adjective I can’t really think of. 

Story 1: Everybody Wants A Retweet. 

This weekend, I fixed up my album cover, took out the drop shadow and what not, and I was excited that it was finished. So I decided I would post it on twitter and thank the memebers of The Zits, Snake (Stefan Brogren), Joey (Pat Mastroianni) and Wheels (Neil Hope), and show my friends the final outcome. That’s when it happened. The retweet and reply of a lifetime. 



It certainly made my day. My weekend for that matter. Here media brought two people together that would never have otherwise. At this moment, Pat and I had been connected, and shared a story together. He would have just woken up that morning, went to his twitter and seen my album art. Though we both saw the same picture, maybe he saw something different. Maybe this album cover told him that even though Degrassi Junior/High has been off the air for the better end of 20 years, their were still people out there that recognized his work and talent. Maybe seeing what I did made his day just as good as his comment made mine. 

Who knows maybe this post will tell stories to other people? For instance maybe Laurie Petrou will see this and think “Wow! The client loved Abbie’s album artwork, maybe she actually deserves a 103% on this project!” Who knows, a story has infinite possibilities. 

Story 2: R.I.P Brian Griffin 

This weekend Brian Griffin of Famliy Guy passed away. I took this news very hard, as he was my favourite character, and though he was a dog, sorry, animated dog. I was quite infatuated with him. He was everything I could ever want in a man/animated dog, charming, smart, liberal and had the voice of Seth MacFarlane (who I am  currently angry with). After watching Family Guy for years and wanting to pursue a career in voice acting and television writing, Seth MacFarlane had become an idol of mine. In lecture, we were discussing fan fiction, and I that point I had realized I had created my own personal Family Guy fan fiction in my head years ago! Though I can’t remember it in full detail, I had basically written this whole episode about how Brian actually met a dog girl, because he had always had these sketchy human girlfriends so I thought it would be cute if he actually found his dog soulmate. So I had this story all planned out, and I figured I would be casted as the girl dog’s voice of course. I also planned that there would be a musical element to it, and Seth Macfarlane and I would sing a duet for the episode. I also thought that this project would bring us together and then Seth Macfarlane and I would get married. So this is why I applied to RTA, to become one step closer to this dream. Yeah, I didn’t actually, but could you imagine if I did? That would be nutters. Anyway, this is another example of fandom stories through media.  Though I feel Brains death was a ratings stunt, and Stewie will go back in time and bring him back. So this possibility for my fan fiction to become reality could still be on the table. I smell a practicum/internship!  

Story 3: The Best Rockband of the Year!

This weekend our floor RA Uzo purchased Rockband 2 for our floor. My friend Bailey and I were so excited about it, at about 7:00pm we created our rock band. We each made an avatar for ourselves (who looked quite accurate to our real likeness) in the game, starting out with skimpy ripped tee-shirts and skinny jeans, until our band made enough money from playing gigs, to purchase more suitable stage wear. We struggled with deciding a band name, we wanted it to be perfect. We had waved between names such as “The Novemembers”, “The Irrelvent Doors,” Tits and Tat’s” (to complement our avatars ridiculous attire) and on that note we came up with “Tater Tits.” Brilliant. So with me on the guitar and Bailey on bass, Tater Tits started off there journey from there hometown of Amsterdam to try to make it in the big time. We played through small venues, performing our little hearts out, we even made an avatar for American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, so he could be a stand in drummer for the band. But we didn’t need a stand in for to long, as Uzo had been in the common room trying to work on his essay. He eventually gave in and became the drummer of Tater Tits. He made his avatar, also sporting some clothes that made him appear to be the avatar of the guy who sits outside of the Metro, but that wasn’t for long as Tater Tits played more small European venues, and we eventually made enough money to deck out the band in some cool threads. This point it was about 9 o’clock and and another RA that we call Jonah Hill because he has the same voice as Jonah Hill came to our floor on rounds, and asked if 11:00 rolled around and we were still playing if he could join in, we agreed. The sad thing was that the Tater Tits continued to play until 11:00pm when Jonah Hill came back and made his avatar and became the fourth member of Tater Tits. We continued to play through, achieving transportation and we eventually became so big in the UK that we are now in the midst of touring North America. 

This I felt I understood why we played so long after talking about avatars and epic wins in class. Though Rockband had a very diverse option for race, when it came to the avatars clothing, it seemed like the women’s stuff was on the whole very revealing and sexualized, compared to the mens clothing. However playing with a personalized character really helped build the story aspect of the game because we felt like we were now apart of that experience. 

What’s Your Type?

So I found three designs here, but the same general topic, I will talk about how the typography used in each of these visuals effects of the design. 

Let’s get started:        

Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack, 2002

ImageThis is the Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack, targeted at fans of the Lizzie McGuire show, girls from the ages of 10-16+. The typeface definitely appeals to this target audience, first of all with the curvy sans serif font for the logo, and then with the cutesy pink font (probably Curlz, or something similar). It is suppose to look youthful, cute and fun, so it is indeed fulfilling its purpose. I believe this typeface is not as attractive or used as effectively as it could have been. The alignment and size is a little off I feel, but because it is targeted for a young audience, maybe it wasn’t the designers top priority. 


Next is the cover of Hilary Duff’s first studio album, because minimal font was used, it would have been taken into great account how or what they wanted to express about the feel of the album. The typeface used is very irregular and unsymmetrical, it also has an almost hand written feel. I feel like the effect they were trying to capture was a youthful tone. It was appealing to a tween audience, and this flowy type highlights a free spirited and airy light vibe.                                                                                                               


Metamorphosis Hilary Duff, 2003

I believe this is effective, because it matches the earth colours of the album art, and makes the artist look like a free spirit, and artistic, which would be more appealing for an album. 

I feel another reason why this was chosen was to  help Hilary Duff break though as an artist, and to chose something that didn’t seem similar to other projects she had done, like her television show Lizzie McGuire (which we have reviewed above). It was to seem more mature than kiddish. It is looking like it wants to get away with that “cutesy” tone and into a more fun but mature and edgy vibe. 


This is a movie poster for “Material Girls (2006)” starring Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff. It basically could have been another Olsen twin flick. Anyway it is about two socialite over privileged sisters who are the heirs to there fathers multimillion cosmetic company. After their father dies and the company faces legal questions, they lose all there money, live in the real and they solve the case about the company fraud. 

There are three different typefaces used in this project, one of them is the “Marchetta Cosmetics” logo on the bus sign. Though this is not the best logo or typeface for an actual makeup company, but It is quite effective at getting across the point that it is a cosmetic company for the purpose of this poster. It’s pink and flawy with a handwritten feel and very feminine, so it does it’s job.  The second of course is the official movie print, which is being effective by making this poster look authentic and giving credit to those who need. But most importantly there is the Material Girls logo. There is very good contrast use in this with the Futura Black like font for the “Material” against the skinny, hot pink Century Gothic “Girls.” It is also appealing to the teen girl demographic by using the lipstick tube for the “I” it tells the story that they are girly-girls and also makes the connection of the cosmetic theme of the plot. An effective use of typeface on the whole. 

After Effects and Me. It Shall Be A Time.

Yeah so it seems as if we are about to give after effects another go. I used it throughout my high school experience, but it was never anything the teacher taught. It was  just like “Here, do a project, it has to involve an AE element,” that kind of thing. So every one just put in an explosion here or there, while I tried for an title sequence, it went quite well, took hours, and the whole thing was about 5 seconds long. Anyway here I am at it again.

So I have a couple ideas for this motion graphics trailer. First off, I wanted to do something for the Great Gatsby, because it’s fabulous. Kyle Cooper has also been a great inspiration, I have absolutely in love with his work for years now, especially his title sequences for American Horror story, so I figured maybe something like that could be fun to make and would be visually interesting.


Still from American Horror Story title sequence, Kyle Cooper





So for this piece I really wanted to incorporate the iconic green light, I think it is a truly beautiful, powerful and plays a huge symbolic role in the story of Jay Gatsby






I also had the idea to tie that in somehow with the fall of Gatsby. I thought to use blood dripping in a jar or something of water, signifying his death of course. I thought it would just add that edge and beautiful

Imagedarkness that Cooper so flawlessly achieves in his pieces.






That aside I also had a desire to explore the Saul Bass minimalist side of this art form. Image

I thought that I might be also interesting to do a very minimalist, vintage style animation based project for the show “30 Rock”.


I thought the shows urban setting would lend a hand for a simple, clean, look. It would also work with an up tempo jazz music piece and I feel like it would have a very “mad men” feel if you will. I think it would complement the show quite well. However, with this simple animation, it would have to be done perfectly to be effective.


More C.R.A.P!

Let’s look at one of the print ads that was deemed “THE BEST OF 2012-13” Lets take a look.


C- The contrast. The black stands out strikingly against the clean white Apple famous background. As well as the bright colours on the screen contrast the black which contrasts the white. Contrast-ception. Also looking at the typeface, the bold “iPad” logo contrasts the small thin “mini”

R- We see repetition with the colour of the iPad with the black typeface, this creates unity and gives professionalism.

A- Nothing is aligned to the centre. It makes it look very sleek and minimalistic.

P- There is a lot of white space, yet the IPad is still the centre of focus. It looks very interesting and appears to not be “trying to hard”.

Okay now for something else:




C- Contrast is big here, everything is light blue or some sort of pastel, except for the bright red cup, creating contrast. The green Starbucks logo itself is also being contrasted agains the red cup, due to the relationship between green and red on t he colour wheel.

R – There is a lot of repetition with the light blue and white colour, creating unity. As well as all the typeface being in white.

A – It seems nothing is quite centred, and the logo is to the right of the page.

P-  the cup is the largest object on the page, and though it isn’t centred it is still the main focal point of the ad.